Method of Ludmila Mojžíšová

A special manual technique, developed by Ludmila Mojžíšová, which focuses on eliminating faulty structural and functional changes in the musculoskeletal system. This method uses reflexive therapeutic methods such as myofascial techniques, acupressure, massage of reflex zones, manipulation and mobilization, and correction of malposition of the head, trunk and limbs. She originally applied this therapy to athletes in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, but later expanded it to treat spinal pain, headaches, irregular and painful menstrual cycles and even infertility. Ludmila Mojžíšová collaborated with gynaecologist Prof. Evžen Čech and found that her therapy helped to cure functional sterility, which led to the successful pregnancy of many patients who had previously been treated for infertility without success.

    How the therapy takes place?

    Within the therapy, we often use active exercises according to Mojžíšová, release of painful trigger points in the pelvic floor, electrotherapeutic methods (ENDObalancer, which is an ideal supplement for weakened as well as tight and overloaded pelvic floor muscles) and mobilization with passive movements. During the first visit with us, we carefully examine the client in various positions and evaluate the position of the first seven ribs, the lumbar spine and the pelvic floor. We will teach the client a basic set of home exercises to practice approximately twice a day. In the second session we will focus on treating the pelvic floor, SI joints, lumbar spine and rib blockages. The course of the other therapies depends on the speed of resolution of the difficulties and the client's cooperation.

    Indications of the Ludmila Mojžíšová method

    Orthopaedic problems

    • Frequent rib blockages

    • Chronic headaches

    • Painful coccyx syndrome (coccygodynia)

    • A range of movement disorders. Musculoskeletal disorders

    • Back pain

    • Scoliosis

    Gynaecological problems

    • Painful menstruation

    • Functional female infertility (sterility)

    • Discomfort during sex (dyspareunia)

    Urological problems

    • Urinary incontinence

    • Internal indications

    • Obstipation