Manual physiotherapy

This method is an important part of today's man, as many of us still neglect to take timely care of our bodies, which then get into such a state of disarray that pain and serious disturbances in body function occur due to the accumulation of small blockages and muscle spasms. Then you need to do a full body "overhaul", preferably at the same time with deep lymphatic drainage - an ideal combination with ENDO-Balancer, which helps to flush the harmful substances out of the body faster. In many cases, there is a battle against time, but at the end of it, people leave with relief from long-standing headaches, spinal or joint pain thanks to manual physiotherapy.Thanks to this special kind of acupressure, deep lymphatic drainage and overall work on the nervous system, this method has already helped countless patients so much that they have not had to undergo planned surgery.

Manual physiotherapy positively affects:

In doing so, we help a wide range of clients with a variety of problems such as:

  • Acute problems

  • Chronic pain

  • Post-operative and post-traumatic conditions

  • Digestive problems

  • Problems in professional athletes

  • Seemingly non-specific problems

  • Dizzy states and disorders

    And many more...


"Hi, I can feel the improvement 😉 thanks a lot for your help🥰♥️ there is still some tightness in my hips but it's much better 😘♥️" 

- Zuzana

"Hello, it's much better today. I've had the pain since about Friday and it still hasn't gotten better, then your angel hands and it heals itself. Thank you 👌💪" 

- Pavel

"Hi, my arm is much better. Sometimes my hand hurts a bit, but otherwise the tapes work and the physio from you too 👍 Thank you 😘" 

- David

"Hello, last time my body hurt a little the second day, then I got better. After yesterday I'm completely fine today, nothing hurts, beautiful 😉👌 thank you so much, bye" 

- Radka

"Hi, I've arrived home now, it's better and thank you again 🫶😙" 

- Radek

"It's definitely much better 🙂 I can still feel it a bit, but it makes a difference, so great!! Thanks a lot 🙂"

"Hi magician 🙂 much better 🙏🙏🙏 thank you very much 🙂" 

- Aneta

"Thank you. Lucie was amazing as always!" 

- Markéta