• ENDO - ''inside'', ''inside''

  • Balance(r) - harmonization, equilibrium, proper functioning of the organism

The basic principle of this device is the generation of unique electromagnetic pulses. These pulses act at the cellular level on the tissues of the human body, where there is a significant improvement in microcirculation (which is the main prerequisite for adequate oxygenation of tissues and thus improving the function of organs), which leads to the suppression or complete elimination of some health problems, cleansing the body and regeneration of cells.

Effects of ENDO-Balancer:

It affects a number of health problems. It is applied to various parts of the human body.

The effects can be summarized in six basic effects:

  • vasodilating (widening the bloodstream and improving microcirculation)

  • analgesic (pain relief)

  • myorelaxant (relieving spasms)

  • anti-edema (anti-flow)

  • detoxifying (breaking down harmful substances) and accelerating metabolism

  • healing and regenerative, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic

Thanks to the comprehensive action of ENDO-Balancer we can achieve:

  • Improved mobility in arthritis of the spine

  • Smoothing of muscle tone and significant improvement in prolapsed intervertebral discs

  • Faster recovery of muscles and joints

  • Increased performance and maximum load intensity

  • Faster recovery in athletes

  • Lower risk of injury during sports training

  • Shorter recovery time after physical and mental exertion

  • Normalization of hormonal status and restoration of reproductive health

  • Reduced susceptibility to infectious diseases

  • Influence of post-COVID syndrome

  • Strengthening the body's defences

  • Improving the supply and removal of harmful substances from the organs

  • Relieving the effects of stress tension

  • Beneficial effect on cholesterol levels

  • Reduction of overall body watering and thus weight loss

  • Improving lymphatic flow in the body and reducing swelling of the limbs

Due to the high blood supply to the muscles and thus their subsequent relaxation, it is important to observe at least 24 hours of rest after the application of ENDO-Balancer (48 hours of rest after the first application), i.e. no sporting activity, moving, repeated lifting of dogs and children, sharp swinging movements, etc. And during this time, maintain a sufficient fluid intake!


    "After yesterday's two applications it relaxed my whole body and after just a few hours I felt great, without every movement reminding me of past workouts 🤣 Thanks again and I'll definitely see you around because I'll be looking to soothe that right shoulder blade. Hip and disc too, of course 😄"

    "Thanks again for yesterday's application, I slept great, I feel more flexible, younger and somehow taller. I'm looking forward to the next application."

    - Pavel

    "Hello, after 3 ENDO-Balancers my back is 80% better - I have little pain anymore, only in the place where it used to hurt a lot, I hardly feel it. I was happy. I wanted to rake the leaves right away, but my wife stopped me 😀"

    - Josef

    "Hello, thank you for recommending ENDO-Balancer. The rib blockage is gone, I can finally breathe properly again."

    - Lucie

    "I know more visits are needed to have an effect. But after the first treatment I didn't know more than a day from my back, the pain was gone! Which hadn't happened to me for several years. Thank you."

    "Before, I had to sit down every 300 metres because of the pain in my leg. Yesterday I walked the whole zoo and I didn't feel any pain."

    - Kateřina

    "I'd love to come again, it helped me a lot. I was worried about the few hours in the car on holiday, but after the few visits I hardly felt the pain in my back 🙂 "

    - Lenka

    "Hello, thank you for the ENDO-Balancer. The next day I felt kind of beat up, but it had a positive effect. I look forward to the next one."



    How does the ENDO-Balancer session work?

    The ENDO-Balancer application is a special procedure that consists of two 10-minute sessions with a short break in between. This process is designed to provide optimal results and comfort during therapy. A therapist is available to you at all times.

    If the application of the ENDO-Balancer is incorporated into the overall therapy program, the client will first complete 10 minutes with the ENDO-Balancer, followed by a transition to the next part of the therapy, which may consist of physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises, etc.

    How should I prepare myself in advance?

    No special preparation, clothing or undressing is required before you embark on your first experience with ENDO-Balancer. We recommend avoiding food 30 minutes before the session. For new clients, it is ideal to arrive 10 minutes beforehand to allow time to complete the health questionnaire.

    What should I do after the session?

    After your session of ENDO-Balancer, it is important to follow a few key points for maximum effect of the therapy. We recommend keeping calm and relaxing so that your body can fully absorb all the benefits. It is also important to drink plenty of fluids, preferably plain water, to aid the healing process. Rest is key, so give yourself plenty of time to relax and recover. This is also why we recommend refraining from major physical activity for 48 hours after your first visits.

    How will I feel after the session?

    The reaction can vary from person to person. Some clients may feel immediate energy, while others may feel tired, similar to after an athletic performance. Many clients also report that they sleep better after it. It is important to remember that each response is individual and your reactions are part of the healing process.

    How often can I attend ENDO-Balancer?

    The frequency of visits is very individual and depends on your specific needs and goals. Your therapist will provide you with more detailed information and advices based on your personal situation. Generally, it is recommended to have 3 to 5 sessions at the beginning with a maximum of one week in between to achieve the best possible results. After this initial series, the frequency is determined by individual agreement with the therapist. It is advisable to have a break of at least two days between each visit to allow the body sufficient time to recover.

    Are there any restrictions or contraindications for ENDO-Balancer?

    Yes, there are some limitations and contraindications for the use of ENDO-Balancer. These include cancer, infectious diseases, pregnancy and the first two days of menstruation in women, the presence of fibroids, pacemaker and cochlear implant. There is no need to be concerned, as before each session the therapist will ask about your current health and discuss all relevant aspects with you to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

    When can I expect results or pain relief?

    The results and pain relief after ENDO-Balancer are very individual. However, most clients, especially those with back pain, report immediate improvement due to increased blood flow to the affected areas. A minimum of three sessions is usually recommended for longer lasting effects. The greatest effect of ENDO-Balancer is seen when it is combined with manual therapies.

    Is it possible to combine ENDO-Balancer with other services?

    Yes, ENDO-Balancer can be effectively combined with other types of treatment and rehabilitation we offer. This combination often leads to better results. Your therapist will help you develop an individual treatment plan, which may include, for example, ENDO-Balancer sessions before physiotherapy or rehabilitation exercises, which our clients describe as an even more effective approach.

    Where can I find more information?

    More detailed information can be found below on this page. Or contact us at                      +420 608 615 910 or e-mail info@esteva.cz .

    Basic effects of ENDO-Balancer

    Analgesic (pain-relieving) effect

    Thanks to the unique pulses, the device conditions the current in the nerve fibres. This induced current blocks the passage of pain sensations from the site of pain through the spinal cord to the brain centers. As a result of this and some other mechanisms, pain is suppressed. These other mechanisms include increased production of endorphins, suppression of inflammation and swelling. In addition, the myorelaxation mechanism, or the release of muscle tone (tension), also occurs. Increased endorphin washout and regulation of calcium ion movement across the cell membrane also contribute to vasodilation, analgesic effect and calming. After ENDO-Balancer applications, lactate dehydrogenase activity increases in the exposed muscle. Lactate dehydrogenase conditions the breakdown of lactic acid, which provokes nerve receptors and causes pain.

    Vasodilating effect (improved blood flow)

    Our body can do big things - even on a fairly small scale. The tiniest blood vessels are microscopically small. They're in charge of our body's supply and they're always at full capacity. Thanks to them, nutrients and oxygen reach the tissues and organs, while at the same time waste substances are carried away in the opposite direction. This network of arteries and veins that we carry within us is truly a masterpiece of nature. And what can we do to make this network work well? We can support these finest blood vessels, which make up the vast majority of all blood vessels in our body, in their natural microcirculation with the ENDO-Balancer and restore the flow not only of blood but also of lymph. You will certainly contribute to the preservation of your health. The unique pulses of the ENDO-Balancer also influence the polarization and elasticity of red blood cells. More flexible blood cells can then pass through the bloodstream more easily. The polarization of the blood cells affects the muscle tone of the fine blood vessels, arteries and hair cells (capillaries). This widens this bloodstream (vasodilation) and improves microcirculation, thus providing a better supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the tissues. Improved microcirculation also contributes to faster removal of toxic substances and metabolites from the tissues. The microcirculation is functionally the most important part of the human blood circulation. The cause of many health disorders and diseases is limited or impaired microcirculation, which results in slower regeneration and healing processes and contributes to faster cellular aging. In addition, long-term application of this method also results in neovascularisation, i.e. faster formation of new blood vessels.

    Detoxifying effect (cleansing)

    The ENDO-Balancer's pulse waves evenly penetrate human tissue and can thus act, as one of the few methods, also at the site of internal inflammation. This promotes increased metabolism, blood circulation and oxygenation of the cells. The basis of any detoxification process is precisely a better supply of nutrients and a better removal of metabolic wastes from the tissues. The main detoxifying organ in the body is the liver, which is why it is recommended to focus on it during ENDO-Balancer applications. Exposure of the liver area stimulates liver activity and accelerates and streamlines detoxification processes throughout the body.

    Anti-edema (anti-flow) effect

    Edema is caused by a disturbance of blood circulation at the level of blood capillaries with subsequent accumulation of fluid between cells. The application of ENDO-Balancer is intended to counteract the main causes of edema, i.e. increased blood pressure in the hair vessels (the smallest blood vessels in the body), impaired fluid outflow from the tissue and also the possible increase in permeability of the walls of the hair vessels. Improved perfusion, i.e. better flow through the tissues, plays an important role in the anti-flow effect of ENDO-Balancer. Acceleration of metabolism after application enables faster absorption of swelling and at the same time a significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect in the area. The anti-flow effect of ENDO-Balancer pulse waves is based on a combination of vasodilating and regenerative effects and is an essential part of the healing process.

    Myorelaxing effect (relaxing spasms)

    The action of ENDO-Balancer accelerates the flushing out of acid metabolites that cause painful irritation in muscles and at sites of chronic inflammation. The flushing of these metabolites is due to improved perfusion (improved flow through the tissues) and increased lactate dehydrogenase activity, which conditions the breakdown of lactic acid. Muscle spasm (cramps) is significantly reduced by the application of ENDO-Balancer. Furthermore, radicular (root) irritation, which often causes tingling and throbbing or burning pain, is reduced. By suppressing pain, ENDO-Balancer pulse treatment modifies the reflex changes of the body. By adjusting these reflexes the body relaxes muscle spasms or contractures and spasms. The application of ENDO-Balancer leads to a relaxation of the skeletal muscles and improved mobility. This improvement in mobility allows further extension of the therapy, for example in the form of easier rehabilitation exercises.

    Healing and regenerating effect

    The healing and regenerative effect of ENDO-Balancer on bone and soft tissue is explained by non-specific irritation of the cytoplasmic (cell) membrane. On this membrane, the metabolic chain is activated. In the case of the regenerative effect in bone, the applications lead to an increase in osteoclast activation and a subsequent start of the bone regeneration process. ENDO-Balancer significantly accelerates healing, activates the formation of new tissue, calcification and leads to an increase in sensitivity to parathyroid hormone, which, among other things, helps to control calcium levels in the body. Better blood supply to the tissues and greater oxygen saturation helps inflammation to subside more quickly in all tissues.

    Self-healing power of the organism

    From another point of view, the ENDO-Balancer can be described as a method that does NOT try to cure a specific disease or its manifestations, but supplies the body with activation energy, with the help of which it has a chance to heal and regenerate itself, thus supporting its self-healing ability.