High power laser therapy

Hiro TT® is a new therapeutic strategy and application of Hilterapia® that creates new possibilities for the treatment of painful musculoskeletal disorders. It is characterized by its dual parallel effect, which combines one of the most effective Hilterapia® therapies (laser system from the Hiro 3.0 - 3000 W, 15,000 W/cm2) with the SmartCooler cooling system. This combination makes the therapeutic effect faster and more lasting compared to traditional lasers. The HIRO TT laser has improved on the original concept of laser therapy and is considered one of the most powerful and effective methods in the fight against pain and swelling.

New system options:

Stronger laser radiation is needed to treat deep and chronic tissue injuries. However, in order to do this, the tissue must first be ''prepared''. This is done by cooling with the SmartCooler contact element, which constricts blood vessels and reduces radiation absorption in the surface layers of the tissue. This allows us to use stronger radiation that penetrates deeper into the tissue without risking damage to the surface. This procedure helps treat deep tissue injuries such as joint problems and chronic lesions, while reducing muscle tension, all of which has been shown to improve therapeutic outcomes.

Areas of application:

  • The ideal solution for restoring functionality after trauma and surgery, quickly and efficiently.

  • It supports rapid and progressive pain reduction and subsequent early rehabilitation.

  • Ideal for the treatment of painful inflammatory pathologies affecting knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, spine, hands and muscles. In rehabilitation therapy for the treatment of deformities, tendon lesions, tendinitis, bursitis and trauma.

Main indications:

  • Muscular contractures

  • Arthrosis

  • Tendinopathy (tendon tendon pain)

  • Trauma and post-operative conditions

  • Lumbalgia (back pain)

  • Swellings

  • Haematomas

    and more....

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum laser power 3000 W

  • Maximum achievable therapy intensity 15 000 W/cm2

  • 3 types of laser probes: standard 5 mm, 10 mm for sensitive areas and acute stages, DJD probe for treatment of degenerative joint diseases

  • Unique SmartCooler cooling element


"I highly recommend Esteva. They have the latest technology for musculoskeletal treatment. Thank you for taking care of my achilles inflammation." 

- Linda

"I played almost the whole game and my muscles held up perfectly. It was awesome, thank you so much, you saved me 😉" 

- Daniel

"I came to you with tendonitis in one arm, now I am here with the other arm. It worked for both of them immediately. After the first application I felt a great improvement, after the second the pain went completely away." 

- Valentýna

"When they took the cast off my hand, I didn't bend my finger at all. It's my third time having the laser and there's a big improvement." 

- Michaela


How does the Hiro TT laser therapy work?

The HIRO TT uses a combination of a high power laser (3000W) with a SmartCooler cooling system. This combination provides pre-cooling of the tissue, allowing higher doses of energy to be applied to deeper layers of the tissue for better and longer lasting results.

What are the advantages of laser therapy compared to other methods?

Benefits include painless application, the ability to intervene immediately after injury or surgery, immediate pain relief, reduced recovery time and more effective soft tissue healing.

What conditions is the laser used for?

Laser therapy is effective in the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, post-traumatic and post-surgical conditions, acute inflammatory conditions, muscle lesions, swelling, muscle contractures, tendon pain, etc.

Is a high power laser safe?

Yes, the Hiro TT laser treatment is safe. This therapy ensures patient comfort during treatment and is suitable for acute and very sensitive cases.

How long does 1 application take? How many times do I have to come in?

The duration of the therapeutic application is around 15-20 minutes, depending on the diagnosis and varies individually according to the case. Normally, the treatment is performed in 3-5 sessions, which is less compared to other lasers that require more visits to achieve the same therapeutic effect.

How quickly will I feel pain relief?

Many clients report immediate relief from the very first sessions. However, the overall recovery time depends on individual factors and the nature of the disease.

Does laser therapy have side effects?

Most clients tolerate the treatment well without any side effects. If there are any concerns, it is important to consult with the treating therapist.

What are the contraindications to laser therapy?

Contraindications to laser therapy include not using the laser near a pacemaker, on open wounds or infected areas, on the abdominal area during pregnancy, or in areas affected by cancer. Caution is also important in the case of photosensitivity and other specific medical conditions. It is essential to discuss all contraindications and the suitability of the therapy for your particular case with your therapist.