Dáta snéhan

Dhata Snehan is one of the therapeutic techniques of traditional Ayurveda that works on shortened and stiff muscles, tendons and fascia. This method aims to relieve tension, dissolve stiffness and eliminate pain, but also leads to increased mobility of the spine and joints.

How does therapy work?

Snehan data is performed on a massage table using warm oil and heated stones. In addition to massage strokes, it involves stretching and practicing yoga postures known as asanas. The intensity of the massage is always individually adjusted according to the client's agreement, and can be either very intense or very gentle. It is common to massage certain parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, upper limbs, hips, lower limbs, back, head and face. It is most often done in various combinations that are discussed in advance during the consultation. Other gentle and relaxing techniques are also used to achieve the optimum effect of the Dhata Snehan massage.

Positive effects of Dátá Snéhan therapy on the body and mind:

  • It relieves physical and mental tension, which helps to reduce stress and nervous tension.
  • Stretches shortened and stiff muscles, improving their flexibility and mobility.
  • Increases spinal and joint mobility, which is especially beneficial for people suffering from back or joint pain.
  • Relieves pain, whether it is muscle pain, migraines or pain caused by arthritis, for example.
  • It helps eliminate fatigue, restores energy and improves overall vitality.
  • During the therapy, toxic substances are flushed out of the body, which can have a positive effect on overall health and the immune system.

These effects of Data Snéhan therapy contribute to an overall sense of well-being and relaxation and can be an important element in the care of physical and mental well-being.