Indian anti-stress head massage

Indian anti-stress head massage is an integral part of everyday life in its home country. This massage is very pleasant and has a very soothing and relaxing character. Especially nowadays, when we are constantly under stress, it has very effective anti-stress effects.

How is the massage done?

A regularly applied anti-stress head massage can even help reduce or eliminate migraine pain. Before the actual head massage, the shoulders, neck, arms and neck are relaxed, which prepares the body for the main part of the massage. During the massage, the therapist focuses on the areas of the head that are energy centers. This increases oxygenation of the brain, improves concentration and the massage can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.At the end of the massage, the acupressure points on the face are also stimulated, another positive aspect of this therapy.

An important benefit of this massage is also a significant improvement in the condition of the face and scalp. Regular massage promotes hair density, increases its shine and overall quality.

Massage is often a part of Dada Snehan therapy, but it can also be applied on its own.