Dorn's method and Breuss massage

Dorn's method

The Dorn's method is a type of manual therapy that is characterized by an extremely gentle and gradual approach to manipulating the joints and spine. This method differs from conventional forms of manual therapy in that it involves the active participation of the patient using their own natural and fluid movement. Unlike some other methods, such as chiropractic, no abrupt or forceful manipulations are performed, giving patients greater confidence and comfort.

How does the method work?

The Dorn's method uses a pendulum motion of the opposite arm or leg to achieve the necessary muscle relaxation. However, when the hand or foot reaches a certain point posteriorly, the muscles automatically tense, preventing further movement of the vertebra or joint to the opposite side. Although the patient may feel some discomfort or pain during this process, it is still a gentle and gradual method.

The therapist makes sure to move as close to the patient's pain threshold as possible. The main goal of this method is to achieve relaxation of the intervertebral joints. The key factor for successful therapy is the active cooperation of the patient and their ability to move and be mobile. In patients with limited mobility, the use of this method is less appropriate.

The number of sessions required to achieve the desired condition is unique to each patient. Partial relief may be seen after two sessions, but in the case of more complex problems it may take several months to achieve the desired effect. If the Dorn's method is used to address spinal blockages, it is also recommended to simultaneously eliminate the patient's poor movement habits that may be causing the recurring difficulties.

Breuss massage

Breuss massage is a sophisticated manual therapy technique that focuses on releasing blockages in the spine and benefits physical, mental and emotional health.One of the main benefits of this massage is its ability to regenerate the intervertebral discs. In this way, it can help resolve various musculoskeletal problems, especially in the lumbar and sacral areas.Breuss massage also has a positive effect on the psyche. It helps to remove deep-seated psychological problems and tensions. It is an ideal complement after Dorn Method treatment, but can also be used on its own as a preparation before spinal treatment, when it releases tension in the muscles.

How does the massage work?

During the massage, intervertebral joint blockages are released, allowing the spine to return to its natural state and the intervertebral discs to have a better chance of restoring their original position.This gentle and soothing massage is performed using high quality St John's Wort oil, which helps to relax and nourish the discs as it improves circulation and metabolism, as well as having antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects. After a massage with St. John's Wort oil, the discs become slightly enlarged, which relaxes the nerves that emanate from the spine and spread throughout the body. Thanks to the Breuss massage, the spine regenerates more easily and the overall mobility of the body increases. It is not only a pleasant way to relax, but also an effective therapy for spinal health and overall body well-being.

During the massage, tissue paper is also used, which is applied to the oil-treated spine and serves as a condenser for impurities. The St. John's wort oil penetrates deeper into the spine and the impurities accumulate on the rough side of the paper by osmosis. 

Breuss massage also automatically treats the acupressure points that connect the organs and are located along the spine on the bladder meridian. By stimulating these points, the spine is significantly relaxed, back pain is alleviated and often various psychological blockages are managed. It is very advisable to combine the Breuss massage with ENDO-Balancer, which is highly blood-conductive and relaxes the body from the inside and which is applied especially before the massage. The subsequent regeneration of the organism is then many times higher.